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Diana Fibison, MD

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If a disease or disorder runs in your family, you may be nervous that you’ll pass the trait onto your children, or that you’ll eventually be afflicted by the disease yourself. To learn if you or your child carry the genetic mutation for a disease or disorder, get your genetic testing blood work done with Diana Fibison, MD, at her office in Oradell, New Jersey. It only takes a small amount of blood to learn the story of your genes. Genetic testing offers you empowerment through knowledge. To schedule your test, book an appointment with Dr. Fibison online or over the phone today.

Blood Work / Genetic Testing Q & A

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing is a medical procedure by which Dr. Fibison tests you, your child, or your fetus for any number of genetic conditions, or to see if you’re a carrier of a gene mutation that causes a genetic disorder. 

Dr. Fibison performs genetic testing by drawing a small amount of blood and sending it to the lab. 

When should I seek out genetic testing?

There are many reasons to seek out genetic testing. You may seek out genetic testing, for example, to find out if you have a certain disease, to find out if you’re a carrier of a genetic mutation, or to find out if your child has inherited your genetic mutation.

You can also use genetic testing to find out if you’re at an increased risk for certain diseases, like cancer.

The different types of genetic tests include:

Diagnostic testing

Dr. Fibison uses this type of genetic testing to confirm or rule out a diagnosis by identifying chromosomal or genetic conditions specific to that ailment. 

Newborn screening

Dr. Fibison can perform blood work on your newborn to determine if they have inherited any genetic disorders. If their test comes back positive, you can begin treating them early on.

Carrier testing

If your family or ethnic group has a history of a certain disease or disorder, and you’re concerned that you could pass it on to a future child, contact Dr. Fibison for carrier testing. In order to inherit a genetic disease, your child must receive two copies of the responsible genetic mutation. Carrier testing allows you and your partner to find out if one or both of you carries said genetic mutation.

Why is genetic testing helpful?

Genetic testing can shed a lot of light onto your present health, and possible health complications for your future and your offspring. The results of your tests empower you to make informed decisions about family planning, child health care, and your life in general.

A positive result for disease risk isn’t a death sentence, and it doesn’t mean you can’t live a full, healthy life. It instead offers you the motivation to take action to prevent disease further down the line. To help you, Dr. Fibison can outline changes you can make, such as changing your eating habits, to decrease your risk for genetic disease. 

If you think genetic testing might help you or your family, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Fibison’s office to learn more. Schedule your consultation online or over the phone today.