Preoperative Surgical Clearance Specialist

Diana Fibison, MD

Family Medicine Physician located in Glen Rock, NJ

If you’re scheduled for any type of surgical procedure, you’ll first need to get a preoperative surgical clearance from an experienced physician like Diana Fibison, MD, in Oradell, New Jersey. At Sovereign Medical Group, Dr. Fibison performs thorough physical evaluations to make sure you’re healthy enough — and properly prepared for — your procedure. To schedule your preoperative clearance, book an appointment online or over the phone today.

Preoperative Surgical Clearance Q & A

What is a preoperative surgical clearance?

During a preoperative surgical clearance appointment, Dr. Fibison evaluates your health to determine whether you’re a good candidate for surgery. As the American Academy of Family Physicians explains, a preoperative surgical clearance is less about clearing you for surgery than it is about evaluating risk and putting safety measures into place if needed.  

Your preoperative surgical clearance will occur anywhere from a few days to a few weeks ahead of your surgery. It’s best to schedule your appointment as far in advance as possible, as this will allow enough time to correct issues that would otherwise delay your procedure.

What happens during my preoperative surgical clearance?

Your preoperative surgical clearance appointment will include a physical exam, a careful review of your medical history, and a discussion about what to expect during surgery. This will include:

  • When you need to avoid food and liquids before surgery
  • What you should wear to the hospital
  • The surgery timeline
  • Whether you need to bring personal supplies for an overnight stay

Dr. Fibison will also discuss things to avoid, such as smoking and drinking alcohol. You may also need to discontinue some medications and supplements before your surgery, and Dr. Fibison will explain how to do so safely.

Often, preoperative surgical clearance appointments include lab testing. Usually, you’ll need to provide urine and blood samples for this. These tests can reveal hidden health issues that could cause problems during surgery. For example, a blood test could reveal an infection that must be treated before you can proceed with surgery.

What are the benefits of a preoperative surgical clearance?

A preoperative surgical clearance appointment allows Dr. Fibison to recognize potential problems before they happen. This means that instead of dealing with a crisis during your surgery, your surgeon can make adjustments to ensure a smooth and safe procedure.

In randomized clinical trials, preoperative surgical clearances were shown to reduce the length of hospital stays for men and women undergoing surgery.

Additionally, a preoperative surgical clearance can also help you feel more confident about facing your upcoming procedure. The better informed and more confident you are going into surgery, the smoother your recovery will likely be.

Need a preoperative surgical clearance from a talented physician who’s committed to excellence? Book your appointment with Diana Fibison, MD online or over the phone today.